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What does NBN QOS actually provide?

The technical details aside, NBN QOS allows different services to operate without interfering with each other. For example, NBN based Pay TV or voice services can operate normally, even if all the teenagers within a neighbourhood download games/music at once. In contrast, current broadband services generally deteriorate when overall traffic levels increase.

Within a given home, NBN QOS ensures the performance of voice/video services remain similarly unaffected by the online activities of the various house members.


The NBN will provide Quality of Service (QOS) to individual subscribers. This guarantees the performance of critical services, e.g. voice calls, regardless of other data traffic levels. To enable QOS, traffic “classes” are identified. The NBN uses industry standard mechanisms to do this. The result is four NBN Traffic Classes, designed to maintain performance of premium services such as voice, interactive video and Pay TV, while allowing normal Internet browsing activities.

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