Cloud Networking and Data Centre Overview Course

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Cloud Networking and Data Centre Overview


APAC Data Centre hardware investment exceeded $15 billion in 2014. This three hour workshop overviews current developments in Cloud Networking and Data Centre architectures and deployments.

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Who would benefit from this course?

Those in technical roles associated with the Data Centre rollouts and operations. Course participants may include project managers, operators, vendors, service providers, application developers, management staff and engineers.


The workshop first outlines cloud computing origins, and the key service paradigms, products and vendors. The impact of industry groups such as Open Networking Foundation on cloud networking is then examined, with Software Defined Networks (SDN) a key focus. Data Centre infrastructure and architectures are then considered. The workshop ends with an overview of major Australian and international Data Centres.

Course Objectives

Participants completing this course should be able to:

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  • Outline the origins of cloud computing, and define the elastic computing and virtual machine paradigms
  • Describe the three key cloud computing service modes, and how major service providers (AWS, Google) present them
  • List the major cloud computing vendors and outline the key characteristics of their platforms
  • Describe how industry groups such as the Open Networking Foundation are impacting cloud services and data centre design
  • Outline the characteristics of Software Defined Networks (SDNs)
  • Describe the Facebook Open Compute project and the key data centre design principles arising from it
  • List the major Australian and international data centres and describe their respective capacities