TekTel Courses

LTE Technical Overview

This two day course provides a detailed technical overview of LTE, LTE Advanced, underlying standards and the markets they will operate in.

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NBN Technology Overview
The NBN will transform the Australian telecoms sector. This one day course outlines the NBN architecture, services and business environment.. more details here

…essential background for staff in NBN roles

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IPv6 Overview

The last IPv4 address block was assigned in 2011. IPv6 deployment, long postponed, now must happen. This half day course outlines IPv6 operations, address formats and transition mechansims.

…also available online

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VoLTE Technical Overview

Given rapidly expanding LTE coverage, operators are now implementing Voice over LTE. This 3 hour workshop outlines VoLTE services, protocols, architectures.

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Telecoms Technology

This two-day introductory course gives non-technical staff a clear overview of the Internet, Broadband Access, the NBN, fixed line voice, 3G/4G mobile networks and the WWW.

…introductory course for non-technical staff

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Carrier Ethernet and Backhaul Technology Overview

Australia’s backhaul is being rebuilt. This one day course outlines the underlying Carrier Ethernet, MPLS and GPON technologies.

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Cloud Networking and Data Centre Overview

This three hour workshop overviews current developments in Cloud Networking and Data Centre architectures and deployments.

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802.11 and Community WiFi Technical Overview

This 3 hour workshop outlines WiFi architecture, radio interfaces, protocols and how developments in Community WiFi are underpinning current deployments.

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Internet of Things (IOT) Overview

This 3 hour workshop defines the IOT, outlines keys applications, technical issues and standards activities, and interactions with big data.

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